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Rioja is the hidden gem of northern Spain: it offers top-notch wines, superb gastronomy, tons of history and dramatic scenery. It’s stunning and unassuming at the same time.

We are locals, avid wine drinkers and have lots of contacts. The wine and food tours we have put together are authentic experiences for foodies, wine lovers and wine enthusiasts. We want you to discover an authentic Rioja.

Our homeland is centuries of winemaking expertise and culture. We drive for you so it’s hassle-free and you can focus on what matters: enjoy.

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Rioja Wine Trips TripAdvisor reviews

My husband and I spent 11 days in northern Spain and the Unusual Suspects wine tour with Mel was our favorite part of the trip! We visited 3 boutique wineries which were each very different but all had fantastic wines. We really appreciated that the winemakers took the time to speak about their wines with us. The tour itself included 6 people which was the perfect number – fun and intimate! One of the highlights of the day was eating a delicious lunch inside a cave under an ancient castle. How often do you get to do that? And we tasted wine straight out of the barrel in the cave’s storehouse below. Mel was the perfect tour guide – he was very knowledgeable about Rioja wines, the area, the way the wines are made, and he enjoyed a respectful easy camaraderie with all of the winemakers. We would never have been able to have the same wine tasting experience on our own. The choice of wineries was excellent, the tour van was clean and new, the homemade country lunch was delicious, the logistics of being picked up and dropped off were easy, and the whole day was well worth the price.

However, what I really want to speak about is the fact that this company is truly run with heart and integrity. This is not something that I see all the time. You can always tell when people and companies only care about the bottom line and don’t really care about their customers and clients. Mel and Inma truly care about their clients and they run their company clearly based on their values and principles. We saw this expressed in two specific ways. To begin with, I had hurt my leg during the trip and was on crutches. So Mel had to do some maneuvering to accommodate my limited mobility. He somehow even got Miguel the winemaker from Cupani (very talented winemaker by the way!) to personally drive me up to the top of the hill for lunch! And secondly, when we returned to our hotel to pack our bags a few days later, we noticed that two bottles of La Loma from Miguel Merino were leaking. Inma immediately contacted Erika from Miguel Merino and they both decided to send us two replacement bottles to our hotel in Barcelona. We would have been fine with just a reimbursement (which even then, some companies would not have done) but they insisted on sending us the bottles so that we would be able to enjoy the wines and take them back home with us as we had planned. I was honestly so impressed that they took such good care of us yet I was not surprised. This is how they work – with integrity. Kudos to Inma and Mel at Rioja Wine Trips and Erika and Miguel at Miguel Merino! You guys are the best!

July 2018

Unique, Authentic, Engaging Wine Tour with Integritymisstilly2018

We were impressed even before we got to Spain. On learning, when we booked, that we were touring northern Spain, Inma offered us the benefit of her experience of the region and a list of the best pintxo bars, restaurants and shoe shops followed.
Mel, our host for the day, was friendly, fun, knowledgeable and helpful and determined to fit as much into our trip as possible.
It was a well-balanced mix of different wineries both the traditional and the modern, which made for a good introduction to Rioja. The tastings were generous and the lunch delicious.
All in all a great day out.

March 2020

A great day outmike4kerstin

Wow! Inma is the consummate host and such a pro! We visited Spain for two weeks in July 2019, and our day with Rioja Wine Trips was the highlight. The Unusual Suspects Tour introduced us to incredibly special boutique wine makers. Their passion for their craft not only showed in the wines that they produced but the conversations that were had, spanning from wine, history and Spanish culture. Inma’s attention to detail and authenticity are remarkable…so are her cooking skills! The Spanish lunch that she provided is something we still talk about over 6 months later, and she was kind enough to email us her tortilla recipe, along with several recommendations for the remainder of our trip. Inma is one of those special people that leaves a lasting memory. Thank you for making our trip! – Justin & Ashley from Nashville, TN.

July 2019

One of a kind wine experience. An incredibly special day.ashley w

This review is long overdue – words cannot express how much of a wonderful experience my husband and I had with Imma exploring, learning and indulging rioja wines. Let me just say Rioja wine is one the most undiscovered wine with so much potential. We visited three bodegas, each visit felt so personal (one tastings with owners of the bodegas) and our day ended with a lunch specially prepared for us in a medieval town below a castle (where one of the bachelor seasons was taped)! Definitely would recommend this tour for anyone and we are even planning a trip back soon.

Nov 2019

Unforgettable experience with Rioja wineLiah T

Inma was a fantastic guide and has organized such an intimate and unique tour in her Unusual Suspects program. We visited small wineries that can only be visited through her tour and drank some fantastic wine. Inma was extremely knowledgeable and hospitable. What a great way to spend a day near San Sebastián (she also arranged a transfer from our hotel there).

Sept 2019

Unusual Suspects Tour - Highly Recommend 2012NM

Where do I even begin!! I will try and find the words to describe what a wonderful experience we had on this wine tour, it was absolutely the BEST day!!

I booked this tour after reading all the reviews for our group of friends (4 couples). The trip was a reunion of friends from all over the world and a celebration of an unexpected proposal! Inma was amazing from the time of booking all the way up to the day itself until she dropped us off – everything was so special. I had been emailing with Inma about what our interests were and what we liked (good wines, beautiful views, picture worth spots, best and historical wineries La Rioja had to offer) and she delivered on every single criteria and more!! She created a custom wine tour for us that took us off the beaten track and we were able to see some beautiful views and taste amazing wines. The wine tastings were all very full as well!! I think we had at least 15 wines to taste throughout the day.

First stop was near the mountains to teach us about the growing conditions in La Rioja which was actually great to know before visiting the wineries. The first winery was actually closed to the public but Inma had the keys (that’s how great of a relationship she has with the local winemakers!) in a cute little town – talk about VIP service! Here we walked through the different houses of the buildings (spread across 4 buildings) – weaving in and out through old and new decor and passing centuries old cellars with some still storing wine! The second winery was in the town centre where there were more wineries located, and she took us to the oldest wine bar that has been preserved and still active today, before heading to the tasting which was in a special glass room overlooking the the oak barrels. Next stop was to the old church at the top of the hill, which gave us sweeping views of La Rioja – was beautiful and we were able to get great drone footage!!! The church was lovely as well. We had specifically requested (during booking) to have one tasting outside amongst/looking at the grapevines – this was where we had our last tasting. We had the tasting first inside as it was too hot by this time of day and then moved outside and relaxed in lawn chairs by the grapevines. Our last stop was a cosy local house (closed but Inma had the keys) where Inma prepared the most delicious meal for us!!! We all loved the tortilla she made so much that she even sent us the recipe afterwards (although I know I won’t be able to make it was yummy as hers).

Inma was so easygoing and flexible throughout the entire day – she stopped by a cafe for us to buy coffee and have some snacks in between wineries, she always offered to take group photos for us (which turned out great!!), and is so knowledgeable and easy to get along with – it honestly felt like she was another friend! We all agreed it was the best wine tour we’ve ever done, you definitely won’t regret it.

Inma – thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, patience and warmth. Thank you for making our reunion so special – we will remember this trip fondly forever!!!

July 2019

The best wine tour you’ll ever doalyssatran

Mine husband and I are wine lovers. We have done tours in California, Italy and France. This was by far our favorite! Inma,our tour guide and owner, was amazing. So knowledgeable, so passionate about her home area. She has done so much research of the Rioja area and took us to the 3 most delicious and amazing wineries. We chose the Unusual Supects tour. WOW! Inma’s extensive schooling and time being around the wine industry made this tour incredible. You will not regret booking a tour. It was the highlight of our 2 week trip in Spain. We came back with 12 bottles from the Wineries Inma took us too. Our tour was in English and Inma’s English is excellent!
And a note if you do book… Inma does not get free tastings bringing groups to the wineries she takes you to. She still pays for the tastings so you know she is bringing you to the ones she’s loves, not the ones paying her. Pay her in cash when you pay the other half the day of. We didn’t have enough cash and the cc fees in Spain are insane!!

I would give 10 Stars if I could ??KaleamconnerTripAdvisor

The Unusual Suspects tour was beyond amazing. My wife and I had searched many different wine tours in the Rioja region, and we kept coming back to the raving reviews of Rioja Wine Trips across multiple websites. The Unusual suspects tour took us to 3 wonderful wineries that we would have never known about Or have been able to see if it wasn’t for this trip. Inma was excellent and we learned so much! She felt like a friend who we had known for years and answered every question above and beyond. The price is well worth the trip as it lasted the entire day with transportation. Inma was so personable, that the entire trip felt natural. I would highly recommend not to second guess this trip, and go! You’re life will be changed forever!

Sept 2019

Unusual Suspects was mind blowing!cmwdpt11

A group of 8 long-time friends (4 husband-wife couples, who all went to college together and are now in our late 50s) traveled to La Rioja in early September 2017. We are all well-traveled internationally and knowledgeable about good reds. The same group did 3-day boutique winery tour of Napa in 2015.

Based on reviews, we booked a two-day tour with Inma and Mel, and we were very pleased. We arranged our trip online with Inma; she was extremely helpful in getting us set up for the tour and helped us with securing a hotel in Logrono (Hotel Calle Mayor was excellent) and provided local tips. She even made accommodation/dining suggestions at our next stop, San Sebastian (also excellent).

Our group wanted a mix of culture and wine-tasting and Inma suggested ‘Winery Hopping’ and ‘Unusual Suspects’ for our two days. We had plenty of tastings with just enough culture/sight seeing. Lunch was included in both of our tours and the meals were excellent. Particularly fabulous were the lamb chops at Bodegas Omalza.

Mel, Inma’s husband, was our tour guide for the two days. He was knowledgeable and personable, with a good sense of humor. He kept things interesting and fun, while educating us. During our two days with Mel, we learned a lot about Riojas, and discovered an appreciation for them. The wineries we visited produced very nice wines. While we all drink a lot of cabs, merlots, pinots and zins, none of us had much experience with Riojas prior to our trip. When we got home to the states, we all explored the Rioja sections of our local wine shops and bought several cases.

I highly recommend Rioja Wine Trips for exploring La Rioja. Mel and Inma will tailor your tours based on your wine knowledge and interests. We give them an A+.

Perfect Way to Explore La Rioja!StopAndDrink, Pittsburgh

We just got back from the best wine experience of our life! I could not recommend highly enough the fabulous authentic experience that we had with Inma our host at Rioja wine trips. We were very lucky to go to a small town for a special wine tasting on the hill, we stopped on the way to see a vineyard and learnt about how the vines grow and are looked after and then moved to special open day festival to visit the underground wine cellars and taste many lovely local wines. The atmosphere if the party at this town was great and we had a very special day with fabulous memories. We won’t forget this day. Book with Inma and you will not be disappointed she is very knowledgable and loves her job which makes your day perfect!

Best day ever!915 sally, GlasgowTripAdvisor
I arrived in Logrono with little expectation but left with an experience I carry with me with every glass of wine I drink. I’m lucky to have found Imna and Rioja Wine Trips! Inma led the tour with her extensive knowledge of the area with experience from working in several wineries in the region. She is also an expert of the local history which is impressive in it’s own right. Imna accompanied me to several points of interest including the wine fields where I learned about the different types of grapes, soil types, and what makes La Rioja and tempronillo wine so special. My tour culminated in the historic and quaint city of La Guardia where we ordered local Tapas and of course a great glass of crianza wine. I’ve attended many wine tours and done many tastings in my life, but they all pale in comparison to Inma‘s love of wine and passion for creating an individualized tour that any wine drinker would enjoy. Taking into consideration that Inma speaks perfect English, the price was extremely reasonable! Highly recommended! Thanks Inma!!
Wine Lovers DreamWordlee11, Austin, TexasTripAdvisor
We took a day tour with Imma, and it was one of the best private tours I’ve done in a wine region, and I do a lot of them globally!
Imma’s local wine knowledge was really impressive, having worked in the industry and area for some time. She took us to wineries at are not on the map, and the location for lunch in a private dining room under a church overlooking the valley was something so unique and local. Very impressive, and her cooking was delicious too!
On the one day we were there, there was the yearly wine festival of open cellars in a village, Imma was flexible with the tour itinerary and we spent a few hours at the festival in the family cellars of many local winemakers. You just don’t get that experience anywhere!! It was so rustic, real, local and the wines were very good for local family winemakers. I even tried drinking from the Perron!! You must do this in Logrono!!
This is a new business for Imma, and I was very lucky for that, as I know once word gets out, that I would not be able to book a day tour with her on such short notice; the day before!!
If I could rate this 6 stars, I would.
If you are after a personal tour experience with flexibility and local knowledge, this is for you.

A must do in Logrono
A must do in LogronoVictoria G. AustraliaTripAdvisor
Our guided tour and bodega visit with Inma was exactly what we were looking for as a family on our visit to La Rioja.
We visited the Ruiz de Viñaspre Bodega in Laguardia, which in itself was a pleasure to see thanks to the warm welcome we received from Ainhoa, one of the family members who run it.
Along with her excellent ability to convey the essence of winemaking and the centuries of tradition that lie behind it, Inma’s warmth and outstanding knowledge enabled us to thoroughly enjoy our experience and leave La Rioja with a far better idea of everything that goes into making the product we all know all love. Likewise, as a local she was then able to advise us on great places to eat and wonderful places to see, all of which went beyond her remit and were naturally a resounding success.
Great job Inma, we’ll be back soon.

Real Rioja
Real RiojaRob T. United KingdomTripAdvisor
At the end of August my wife and I decided to treat ourselves to a stopover break in Logroño (a beautiful city) and to take some time to visit the wineries.

Since we’d visited a very well known winery in Chile in 2013, we had some preconceived expectations based on that experience. We had enjoyed ourselves on that visit, but we were really struck by the massive difference in la Rioja with Inma. Whereas before everything felt carefully rehearsed and commercialised, this trip seemed like a balmy adventure where we were treading new pastures and discovering secret wineries! We had a wonderful fun time throughout the day; as well as tasting some exquisite wines we ended up with enough bottles of wine to last our whole extended holiday in Spain.

Throughout the whole time on the trip, Inma was highly knowledgeable, relaxed great company, as well as speaking superb English (which we discovered she had studied to university level). She offered various options for lunch, but we’re delighted we picked the traditional homemade picnic which we ate in the surrounding hills. The weather was just right for it, and the wine that accompanied it was to die for! It was personal touches like this, along with the warmth of the people, the laid back yet productive schedule that combined to make this trip so well-weighted and memorable. We felt genuinely received as guests not just clients, something which is often hard to encounter today. We’ll definitely be recommending this trip to all of our friends who like their wine, scenery and culture in good healthy doses! 5 stars for sure!

What a wine trip should be like
What a wine trip should be likeAndrew B, Cambridgeshire United KingdomTripAdvisor

Thankfully I was referred to Inma from a friend of a friend; this is an experience not to be missed if you love wine! We did the Unusual Suspects tour as we have access to the wines of the larger more well-known wineries at home. Not only did we taste some amazing wines, but got to talk to at least one of the winemakers or other well-informed staff. These were very small operations and very busy owners during the beginning of harvest. Our lunch in a wine cave was as good as any restaurant and in a more unique setting. I can’t believe how much time and effort is put into this tour; totally worth the price! Skip the fancy wineries for this tour to see what it is really like to make wine in La Rioja and meet the people doing it. Inma gives a valuable education on every aspect of wine-making in this region as well as providing many recommendations on other wineries to visit and restaurants to try. We used her tips for Logroño, San Sebastián, Bilbao and Madrid, always spot on! I would love to go back for another tour sometime.

Unique wine experienceCynthia F

This was probably the best tour I’ve had of anything. Ever. Inma is simply terrific. She is warm, friendly, articulate and incredibly knowledgeable about wine and the Rioja region. We visited two wineries that were completely different but equally as exciting. She also packed us a delicious picnic lunch. Inma went above and beyond anything we could have ever expected, and we are very grateful to her for a very memorable experience.

Just amazingcbnyc24, New YorkTripAdvisor

My husband and I have traveled to many wine regions and have taken over 15 wine tours ranging from Barossa Valley to Bordeaux. But our tour with Mel at Rioja Wine Trips was the best wine experience of our lives. This 8-hour trip was an total immersion into Rioja, including the vineyards, history of the area, and numerous wine tastings. Instead of the large wine operations, Mel highlighted the small producers making special wines that do not get widespread distribution. HIs rapport with these small winemakers made our trip special as he provided insights into winemaking and the traditions of the area. As other reviewers have noted: The luncheon in the castle was a highlight! I cannot give enough praise to Mel and Rioja Wine trips: This is a tour designed for people whom love wine and the history that goes with it. You must do this if you’re in Rioja!

Amazing Rioja Wine Experience!spaqueen12, Scottsdale Arizona

My boyfriend and I did the Unusual Suspects tour with Inma last week, and it was absolutely spectacular! We were staying in San Sebastián, and Inma very kindly arranged for a driver to pick us up in the morning and drive us back to the hotel at the end of the day. Every winery we went to was fantastic, and Inma explained so much about Spain, La Rioja specifically, and Spanish wine making all along the tour. She could not have been a kinder or more generous guide, and the provided lunch was also wonderful and delicious. It was a truly amazing day, and definitely a highlight of our trip to Spain. I would highly, highly recommend any tour with Inma and Rioja Wine Trips!

Amazing TourShoshana G

Superlatives are not adequate for this extremely well planned & well executed personally guided tour in the expansive Rioja wine region.
Inma is wise without pomposity and informative without being pedantic or condescending either. She really has a passionate yet informal style & very engaging too. We have been to numerous vineyards in Montalcino, Chianti, Loire Valley & multiple California spots too—without a shadow of a doubt, this is a very personalized tour and unequalled:A+!

REAL Rioja!Robert S. Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Inma was absolutely amazing! From helping us coordinate everything in the weeks leading up to our arrival until after we made it home safely. There are not enough words to describe how amazing this day truly was. It is a locally owned / family owned tour. It was a once in a lifetime experience. Inma really knows her stuff, she is a true genius, especially when it comes to wine!! She made sure the whole day was personalized for us and made adjustments throughout the day to better suit us as she got to know us. I recommend anyone in Spain take a day or two and travel to Rioja and do this tour! You wont be disappointed! Cant wait to go back someday!!???

March 2020


We did the Unusual Suspects wine tour with Lorena.

It was a fantastic day. Lorena was an expert in all things Rioja and all things wine production…. definitely a huge asset to this company. She took us to three small wineries which all had fantastic wines. Just sad we can’t get them in Canada (although our suitcases will be a bit heavier on the way home!). Lunch in a cave (surrounded by amazing scenery) was a nice touch. Would highly recommend this tour!

Oct 2019

Amazing day!KathyZerr


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