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Who better to show you Rioja's secret wine spots? Curated by trained locals, these experiences offer an inside look for curious travelers.

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Spain's top wine region, Rioja is the hidden gem of the north and we'd love to show you around!

It offers top-notch wines, superb gastronomy, tons of history and dramatic scenery. It’s stunning and unassuming at the same time.

We are locals, avid wine drinkers and have lots of contacts.

The wine and food tours we have put together are authentic experiences for foodies, wine lovers and wine enthusiasts.

We want you to discover an authentic Rioja.

Our homeland is centuries of winemaking expertise and culture. We drive for you so it’s hassle-free and you can focus on enjoying the experience to the most.

Soak up the scenery, drink the wines and relax.

We take care of everything.

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Other wine lovers' opinions on our Rioja wine tours

My wife Catherine and I did the unusual suspects tour on Easter Monday 1st April (a birthday present for her). We did the tour with Mel, who is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about wine. He is very good at explaining the interesting intricacies of all things vino and his knowledge is superb. Above all he was a genuinely lovely bloke and it was a sincere pleasure to spend the day with him. We went to three amazing wineries and tried some truly unique high quality wines. It was Easter and two of the three wineries opened especially for our tour which is a testament to the great relationship Mel and Imna have with these talented wine producers. The wineries themselves were nothing short of amazing and my wife and I had an amazing day that we will look back on with the fondest of memories.
Doug Newman
Doug Newman
My wife and I had a great trip with Mel this week. It’s offseason and we contacted Inma late. They were able to accommodate us with a custom tour to three delightful wineries including two that we would not have been able to access without them. Mel was very pleasant company and we learned a lot about Rioja - The people, terroir, wine, and history. Got a real sense of place. We’re taking home some age worthy wines that will help us remember the day for years to come. Would highly recommend!
Todd Skobinsky
Todd Skobinsky
My wife Heather and I are wine lovers and when we travel we like to seek out wine experiences. Inma from Rioja Wine Trips was amazing! Inma picked us up at our hotel and arranged for two-days’ worth of touring and tasting and we were so happy with our unique experience. We spent one on one time with wine makers learning their wine making techniques and traditions! We ended up buying so much wine because it was all fantastic and bottles that you just cannot find in the U.S. Inma took us to an amazing lunch/restaurant on day one and prepared a beautiful picnic lunch for us in day two. Charming towns, caves/tunnels, beautiful scenery and amazing wine! We highly recommend Inma and Rioja Wine Trips!
Ben Griffiths
Ben Griffiths
Just back from Inma’s fabulous Unusual Suspects tour and what a fabulous day out it was. I was hoping for a personalized look in on a couple of worthy boutique Rioja producers and that was precisely what we got. Informative and fun, terrific wines poured up and a likely high point of our 14 days traveling through Spain. The Cupani Winery was truly next level!
Jeff Lackman
Jeff Lackman
This is the 2nd year in a row I have toured with Inma in Rioja, and this trip was even better than last year! You know it will be a great day when it starts with a double rainbow (last year also had a rainbow!)!! The tour is, simply, great visits with passionate, inspiring winemakers that you will not and cannot see using large bus tours where you tour with many people. Getting to meet Alberto and Luis, and visiting with Miguel again was an absolute pleasure for me. I could spend so much time hearing their stories and learning how they are making the best wine in Rioja, how their knowledge and quest to make the best had brought them to make these wines which absolutely soar! Inma know the region, knows the wines, and is great at imparting her extensive knowledge and insight to the tour group. She also points out how the areas long history reflects in the wine and how the people of this beautiful corner of Spain expand their gastronomic culture to include the best wines the world can offer with stunning food from this region (you need to try the tomatoes, really!) I plan to return to Logrono next year, and will again use Inma as my guide. There are not words enough to express my joy I experienced on this tour. A must do tour!
Paul Bishop
Paul Bishop
Fabulous! - If you are seeking a unique, informative, enjoyable and memorable wine tour then we highly recommend Rioja Wine Trips ´Unusual Suspects´ as one of the best we have experienced. Inma took great care of us throughout the day and introduced us to three small bodegas where we met some very talented wine makers whose skill and passion, refined over generations, is expressed in seriously impressive high quality wines that such as Tim Atkin rate highly. You can´t go wrong, this tour delivers exactly what it promises and much, much more. Paul & Jane Bishop
Alex Ragan
Alex Ragan
I have had the privilege of taking two wine tours in the Rioja region of Spain with Inma as my guide, courtesy of Rioja Wine Trips. Let me tell you, this tour is extraordinary. I first embarked on this journey back in 2019, and I was blown away by the meticulous care taken to craft a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. Inma, the tour guide, is nothing short of a treasure trove of knowledge when it comes to all things Rioja. Her connections with the local wineries and winemakers are like golden tickets to an unforgettable adventure you won't find anywhere else. She effortlessly weaves together the history, culture, and the art of winemaking into an experience that lingers long after the last sip. Fast forward to 2023, and I found myself back in Spain with one mission in mind: recreating that exceptional experience all over again. I practically built my entire trip around this tour, that's how much it means to me. Rioja has truly captured my heart, all thanks to this incredible adventure. I must admit, this review has been long overdue, but it's been lingering on my mind to write this. It's one of those experiences that stay with you, a hidden gem that deserves all the recognition it can get. To anyone reading this, if you're searching for an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, that connects you with the soul of a place through its wines, landscapes, and people, then this tour is an absolute must. Don't let the tardiness of this review fool you – the impact of this adventure is timeless and will stay with you, just as it has stayed with me. Without a doubt, I can confidently say that I will be back to Rioja, and hopefully many more times in the future. The allure of this region, as experienced through the exceptional tours provided by Inma and Rioja Wine Trips, is simply irresistible. It's become a pilgrimage of sorts, a journey I eagerly anticipate repeating time and time again. Cheers to Rioja Wine Trips and Inma for making my trips to Rioja truly unforgettable! 🍷
Max Rappaport
Max Rappaport
We had so much fun with Inma on the Unusual Suspects tour. She took us on a full-day excursion with visits to three family-owned wineries with unique histories and terrific wines. The highlight of our tour was getting to meet one of the bodega owners, who sat with us for two hours talking through the past, present, and future of his business. Inma then prepared a delicious homemade lunch with local specialties before taking us back to our hotel. It was a wonderful experience with a fantastic, deeply knowledgeable, and friendly guide - we would highly recommend!

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