RIOJA WINE TOURS Covid-19 information


Rioja Wine Trips has been externally audited and is the first tour company in Rioja to obtain the official Safe Tourism Certificate.

This certificate is only issued by the ICTE (Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality) once the auditing firm verifies that the company meets the set requirements in all the processes involved when conducting a tour. It is thus therefore the only valid and authorized seal approved by the Spanish Ministry of Tourism.

It guarantees that our company has implemented all the requirements set by *UNE 0066-08 May 2020, which establishes the safety and hygienic protocols that protect against Covid-19 when offering a tour.

The scope of the protocol aims to protect both our customers and our staff so that we can provide a safe experience for everyone.

*UNE is the Spanish Association for Standardization.

Rioja Wine Trips Safe Tourism Certificate Rioja Wine Trips


Safety Measures in Place

In accordance to the safety protocols set out by the Spanish Health authorities, Rioja Wine Trips kindly asks all our customers to follow these measures for a safe experience:

  • All our guests need to keep an obligatory minimum distance of 2 metres with their tour guide and other visitors who are not part of their group when at a winery.
  • Breathing masks must be worn during all winery guided tours (health reasons are the exception, please let us know ahead of time). Single-use masks are available upon request.
  • Regular cleansing of hands with hydroalcoholic gel for disinfection is recommended.


We follow a strict vehicle cleaning protocol. Prior to a tour our vehicles are steamed and sanitized. Both are equipped with hand sanitizer.


Our private lunch venue is cleaned and disinfected with appropriate products before and after every tour. Dining room, kitchen and toilets and thoroughly cleaned.


All our providers (wineries, restaurants and artisan food manufacturers) meet the safety and hygienic standards we have required to work with them. We have personally checked that they have implemented the necessary preventive measures at their facilities to ensure a safe visit.

We appreciate the effort you have made by coming to visit us, that’s why we’ll do our best so that you can responsibly enjoy Rioja and take home a lifetime experience.

Inma and Mel. Rioja Wine Trips.

Safe Tourism Certified Rioja Wine Trips